Traffic Notice For Fisherman’s Birthday Celebration Western Division

    The Traffic Department, Western Division hereby notifies the general public that in order to facilitate Fisherman’s Birthday Celebration 2019, the following temporary traffic arrangements take effect as per dates and time:


    • Wednesday 26th June, 2019 and Friday 28th June, 2019 between hours of 6:00 p.m. and 12:00 midnight.
    • Saturday 29th June, 2019 between the hours of 12:00 noon and 12:00 midnight. 


    Traffic towards St. George’s:  

    Vehicles travelling from Sauteurs / Victoria towards St. George, on reaching the junction of Upper Depradine Street and Hills View Road will turn left onto Hills View Road and right onto Edward Street then left onto Langton Road continuing towards Central Gouyave Estate, right onto Mongo Road, right onto Hubble Bridge, right onto St. Peters Street and left onto Lower Depradine Street towards St. George. 

    Traffic towards Sauteurs: 

    Vehicles travelling from St. George direction towards Sauteurs will travel along Lower Depradine Street, turn right onto St. Peters Street, travel along Brothers public road then left onto Middle River, right onto Central Gouyave Estate continuing onto Dr. Belle public road and right onto Upper Depradine Street towards Sauteurs.

     No Entry Signs will be positioned in the following areas

    ¤ Upper Depradine Street and Dr. Belle junction 

    ¤ Central Gouyave Estate and Langton Road junction

    ¤ Hubble Bridge from St. Peters Street junction

    ¤ Middle River and Mongo Road Junction

    ¤ Edward Street and Boykes Lane Junction

    ¤ Central Depradine Street close to the Nutmeg Pool and J & A Souvenir Shop

    ¤ the junction of Lower Depradine Street, St. Peter’s and Central Depradine Streets.

     One way Signs will be placed in the following areas

    ¤ Central Gouyave Estate public road that connects to Dr. Belle public road

    ¤ The junction of Edward Street and Langton road

    ¤ The junction of Central Gouyave Estate Road and Mongo Road

    No Parking Signs will be erected in the following areas 

    ¤ St. Peters Street 

    ¤ Lower Depradine Street and 100 yards towards St. George after the hump

    ¤ Upper Depradine Street from the fish market towards Maran Public road 

    ¤ Edward Street 

    ¤ Central Depradine Street 

    ¤ St. Dominique Street


    Buses travelling towards Victoria and Sauteurs will use the Bus Stop on St. Peter’s Street opposite the Anglican Church. The Gouyave buses will travel along Central Depradine Street and turn by the gas station.

    During and at the end of Fisherman Birthday activity buses will be allowed to pick up passengers at Central Depradine Street close to the gas station and Nutmeg Pool then travel along St. Dominic  Street right onto St. Peter’s Street then left onto Lower Depradine Street.


    ¤ Saint John’s Anglican School yard and Pastoral Centre Yard

    ¤ Lower Depradine Street, [from Cuthbert Peters Park to speed bump close to Mayor’s Pharmacy on its right side towards Gouyave.

    Emergency Route:

    All emergency vehicles will travel along Central Depradine Street, Lance Bridge Upper, turn right onto New Street, left onto Edward Street, left onto Hills View Road and right onto Upper Depradine Street. 

    VIP Parking: 

    VIP parking will be at the Methodist Church yard on Chapel Lane.


    All taxis’ will be placed on St. Francis Street; this includes all the buses that ply Clozier, Loretto and Florida routes.

    Detour signs and directional arrows will be placed in strategic areas along both routes in order to assist motorists. 

    The general public and in particular motorists are encouraged to adhere to the temporary traffic arrangements.

    The Royal Grenada Police Force apologizes for any inconvenience caused.