Ministry Of Health Announces Focal Point, Donation Desk

The Government of Grenada hereby advises the public that a Focal Point, Donation Desk has been re-established at the Ministry of Health for the coordination of donation of health supplies.

The focal point is Director of Hospital Services, Dr. Carol McIntosh who heads a committee of persons comprising representatives from the Procurement and Health Promotion Units of the Ministry of Health, as well as representatives from the diaspora.

There are four guiding principles established by the Ministry of Health to guide the donation process.

  • Donations of health care equipment should benefit the recipient to the maximum extent possible.
  • Donations should be given with due respect for the wishes and authority of the recipient, and in conformity with Government’s policies and administrative arrangements of the recipient country.
  • There should be no double standard in quality. If the quality of an item is deemed unacceptable in the donor country, it should also be deemed as unacceptable as a donation.
  • There should be effective communication between the donor and the recipient, with all donations made according to a plan formulated by both parties.

Persons wishing to make donations to Grenada’s health services are therefore required to initiate contact with the focal point as the first step to the process. The contact details are as follows: Dr. Carol McIntosh, at email:; and copied to; or at telephone number 440-2051 ext 41018. In the event that the items are being shipped to the Ministry, the packages should be addressed to: Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Ministerial Complex, Botanic Gardens, St. George’s

The Ministry of Health is confident that the focal point and committee, reestablished in January this year, will serve to enhance the level of collaboration with donors to facilitate the supply, delivery and receipt of donations of goods and services.

The Government of Grenada expresses sincere appreciation for the contributions and donations from friendly organisations and persons at home and in the diaspora, who are desirous of supporting its development agenda. -30-