Trinidad: Bride And Groom Give To The Homeless After Their Wedding Reception

TRINIDAD EXPRESS- A bride and groom in Central Trinidad pledged love and commitment to each other in their wedding on Saturday, then distributed meals to the homeless after the wedding reception.

Crystal Paltoo was still dressed in wedding gown and Michael Thong-Kiaw in his three-piece suit and tie when they took to the streets of Chaguanas and handed out the meals around midnight.

The couple are volunteers with Love All Serve All, a soup kitchen that serves food packages to the street dwellers.

Paltoo and Thong-Kiaw are the owners of food outlet Cutters Express in Endeavour in Chaguanas.

And after they met the soup-kitchen’s manager Srishti Ramdass about a year ago, they joined in the venture.

Ramdass said that Love All Serve All soup kitchen originated in Port of Spain in 2017, beginning with 300 meals per night.

Another branch later opened in Longdenville, and Paltoo and Thong-Kiaw have become core members of the soup-kitchen.

Thong-Kiaw said he did not know that the photographs were taken and posted on Love All Serve All’s Facebook page until he and his new bride got home that night.

Ramdass wrote in the post that since the planning stages of the wedding, the couple came up with the idea of sharing their wedding meals with the homeless.

The post from read: “Wedding Day… A day in celebration of love and Commitment. Well a couple from our Central Kitchen really displayed these two pillars on their wedding day. In the planning stages of their wedding, they really wanted to include the distribution of meals to our Hungry on the Streets as part of their Special Day. However, it never seemed to pan out whether or not it would be disrespectful to the guests in attendance. It’s said that a dream is a wish your heart makes and this definitely had to a be a dream come true because what their heart wished for, it came to reality. Things just fell into place. It had to be some sort of Divine Intervention at play. Kudos to Crystal & Mike for their continued support to our Central Kitchen in being part of this Offering of Love, To Love, From Love and coincidentally on a day celebrating love. Last but not least, congrats to you both on your special day and may you be blessed to continue on this path of love & service”.