Soldiers Crash After Drinking At Bar In Uniform Police are investigating an incident in which four soldiers were injured in a vehicular crash early Tuesday in Moruga.

Police were told that the four soldiers dressed in camouflage fatigues were liming at a bar half an hour at before the crash.

A witness who wished to remain anonymous told reporters on Wednesday that the soldiers were drinking alcohol and liming with a woman at a bar at Bois Jean Jean.

The witness claimed the soldiers “roughed up” two men, and even discharged several rounds of a firearm into the air.

The witness also claimed that one of the soldiers said he lived at Laventille and was a “bad man”.

The soldiers left the bar around 3.30 a.m. and half an hour later their vehicle crashed into a fence at L’anse Mitan.

One of them was pinned in the vehicle.

Officers of the Moruga Police Station led by Sgt Seepersad responded.

Emergency Health Services also responded and took the soldiers to the Princes Town District Health Facility.