Trinidad – Dad, Mom, Children Found Dead In Car – POLICE are at the scene of a massacre in Toco where a Chaguanas man is suspected to have killed his two children, his wife and then himself.

Residents of Hambug Trace spotted the vehicle which was strange to the area around 1 p.m.. It was parked near a mango tree.

By 3 p.m. when the vehicle remained in the same spot, a resident peeped in and made the horrific discovery.

Toco police observed that the man was seated in the driver’s seat, blood covered his chest.

A child was seated in the front passenger’s seat, a woman and a baby in the back seat all were unresponsive.

The Express spoke with the resident who contacted police.

“Someone saw the car around 1 p.m. parked with the glass wind up. About 3 p.m. I saw the car and I blow my horn. The glass wind up tight. When I didn’t see any response I peeped into the car and I saw a man with blood on his chest. So with that I called the Toco police. When the Toco police came they said they saw a man dead on the driver’s seat, a child on the front passenger’s seat, a woman dead in the back and a baby on the backseat”, he said.

Police have traced the registration of the car to an owner in Chaguanas.

The resident said: “I saw something fishy and I called the police. I did what the Commissioner (of Police Gary Griffith) said to do which is to call police if you see something unusual. This looks like a domestic situation. It is very grim and sad. It is just a sign of the inability of people to cope with the pressures of society”, he said.




1. Adult male victim: Barry Choon of 2nd St California (injuries to the throat)

2. Adult female: Shalini Soodeo-Choon Welcome Road, Cunupia (injuries to the throat)

3. Girl child: *no name atm (injuries to the throat)

4. Toddler: no name atm (no visible signs of injuries, believed to have suffocated in the car which was closed)