Brothers To Face Court For Teenager’s Murder

Two brothers were expected to appear before a Sangre Grande Magistrate on Tuesday, charged with the murder of 17-year-old Isaiah Deshawn Hitlal.

Hitlal was killed on February 2nd.

The accused are 33-year-old Victor Timothy and 24-year-old Leon Timoty. The brothers are both labourers of Damarie Hill, Sangre Grande.

They were jointly charged with murder, possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition, following advice received from Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Joan Honore-Paul, on Monday.

The younger Timothy also faces an additional charge of shooting with intent.

Hitlal of Sangre Grande was with two other victims at Jacob Coat Road just before 8 pm on February 2 when a white Toyota wagon stopped alongside them. Two gunmen exited the vehicle and fired several shots at the victims.

The teen was shot multiple times and the assailants then escaped in the waiting vehicle.

Hitlal was taken to hospital for treatment where he later died.

The accused were arrested at their home on April 1.

Investigations were supervised by acting ASP Sean Dhilpaul of the Homicide Bureau of Investigations (HBI) Region 2 while the Timothy brothers were charged by PC Leroy Joseph, also of HBI, Region 2, on April 9.