Man Stops To Buy Burger, Shot In The Head And Robbed – A man purchasing burgers at a stall was shot by a thief in South Oropouche on Wednesday.

Avinash Ramoutar, 32, of Rousillac was shot in the head.

His friend, Venezuelan Ronnieries Salazar, was also robbed but was not harmed.

Around 11.30 pm Ramoutar and Salazar pulled up in Ramoutar’s Mitsubishi Lancer at a burger stall at Mon Desir Road, South Oropouche.

The proprietor was serving them when two thieves wearing dark coloured clothing announced a hold up.

One of the assailants pointed a revolver at the proprietor and robbed him of $300.

The other thief took $1,200 and a cell phone valued $7,000 and the keys to the car from Ramoutar, and $500 and a cell phone valued $800 from Salazar.

The armed assailant fired a shot as he escaped in the vehicle.

Ramoutar was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where he was expected to undergo emergency surgery.

PCs Williams and Singh of Oropouche police responded and are continuing investigations.