Statement By The Ministry Of Education, Human Resource Development And Religious Affairs On Teachers Marking SBAs

The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development and Religious Affairs expresses sincere appreciation to teachers across the nation who have continued to mark students’ SBAs and CPEA projects and to submit the relevant scores. The Ministry, on behalf of the Government of Grenada, commends you for putting the interest of the nation’s children first. The actions taken today by teachers, as stakeholders in the education process, will undoubtedly help to shape the quality of individuals who will become the leaders of our country tomorrow.

We are aware of recent correspondence from the Grenada Union of Teachers, advising its membership not to mark the SBAs and CPEA projects but instead to submit those to the Ministry of Education. This call is troubling given its potential far-reaching implications for our children. Government therefore applauds those teachers who have remained resolute in their mission to safeguard the education of the next generation and have willingly fulfilled the assessment requirements.

At this time, the Ministry seeks to assure parents that their children’s assessment and ultimately their examination grades, will not be negatively affected. We are delighted to inform that as of Monday, April 1, 2019, the requisite SBA samples and scores for most students have already been entered.

The Ministry acknowledges that there are some outstanding assessments but officers within the Ministry are currently providing the necessary guidance and support to principals and teachers who did not meet the established timelines. We have also been having strategic dialogue with the regional examinations body to address any issues that may arise. We therefore remain confident that no student would be adversely affected by any delays in the submission of pertinent documents to the Caribbean Examinations Council.

The Ministry of Education asks all teachers and principals to focus on the needs of our students and to refrain from action that could compromise the education of our children which could then ruin the potential for future opportunities. Like you, the Government of Grenada is a key stakeholder in the education of our children, and we endeavor to create an environment that is conducive to learning and working in partnership with others. Together, we must ensure that our actions today do not impede the progress of our beloved country tomorrow. Our children are our future.