Police Inspector Charged With Abducting, Raping, Imprisoning Teen Mom

Trinidadexpress.com – A POLICE inspector has been charged with rape, abduction and false imprisonment of a 16-year-old mother.

In turn, the teenager has also been charged with larceny of the senior officer’s firearm, ammunition, wallet, and gold chain.

The charges were laid on Wednesday on the inspector, following instructions from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The senior officer has 35 years’ service and was on pre-retirement leave.

He was arrested last week as investigations began when the inspector reported that his police-issued Sig Sauer pistol loaded with 14 rounds of ammunition, wallet, and gold chain were stolen.

The senior officer alleged that the 16-year-old girl stole the items from his Sangre Grande home on March 15.

The girl was detained and in a statement, she allegedly told police that she was taken to the inspector’s house against her will.

She allegedly stated that on that evening she was at Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande in the vicinity of Royal Castle when an unmarked vehicle pulled up next to her.

She allegedly said that there were two police officers – the inspector and an acting corporal – in the vehicle and one of them showed her his TTPS badge then ordered her to sit in the vehicle.

The girl said she got into the vehicle, and minutes later another police officer – a constable – emerged from a food outlet and also sat in the car.

They all went to the police inspector’s house in Sangre Grande where they the inspector and the acting corporal allegedly sexually assaulted her against her will.

The third police officer – a constable – was also in the house.

She later left the house, and allegedly stole the inspector’s firearm and ammunition, gold chain and wallet.

The 55-year-old inspector claimed that he left the two junior police officers and the girl in the ground floor of this house, and he went into his bedroom on the upper floor.

He claimed that he placed the items beneath his pillow but when he awoke less than an hour later, the items were missing.

The two other officers and the woman were also gone.

A report was later made to officers of the Sangre Grande Police Station and inspector was detained days later.

The victim was also taken into custody and handed over to officers of the Child Protection Unit.

The three police officers appeared on identification parades on Monday.

The constable was released without charge.

The inspector, acting corporal, and the 16-year-old girl, are expected to appear separately before a Sangre Grande magistrate on Friday.