Man Grabbed Granny’s Buttocks On Carnival Tuesday: Sentenced To prison – A man who touched the bottom of a 72-year-old woman was on Tuesday sent to jail.

The magistrate told John Charles that Carnival was over and he could not just pick up something and run with it, as she made reference to the Mr Killa’s Power Soca winning tune.

Charles earlier said he was guilty of indecently assaulting the woman while at the Central Market at Mucurapo Street, San Fernando.

The court heard through police prosecutor Cleyon Seedan that on Monday the victim was walking to the washroom when he was approached by Charles. Seedan said Charles told the woman, “Ah not drunk today” and grabbed her buttocks.

A report was made to constable Constance who was on foot patrol duty at the time. Charles was soon after pointed out to the officer and he ran.

He was held a short distance away and told of the offence. Charles replied, “This woman really making me get lock up for this small ting boy.”

San Fernando magistrate Alicia Chankar told him his actions were wrong and there was no excuse for violating a person. “It is dehumanizing and disgusting to interfere with someone’s person especially when there was no request by the person … You don’t take what is not yours and run … Carnival done.”

The woman said that she had known Charles by seeing him. “I just want him to get jail. That is all,” she told the court.

Charles who was on bail for another offence was jailed for 30 days with hard labour.