SMC Call For Queen Show Participants

Spicemas Corporation is looking for a suitable delegate to represent St. George in the 2019 Carnival Queen show, Majestic Thursday.

  •  Delegates must be between the ages of eighteen (18) and twenty six (26) and must not be twenty seven (27) before the staging of the pageant.
  •  Delegates must have at least 5 CSEC O levels including English and possess a good command of the English Language.
  •  Delegate must possess a TALENT  Delegates must be a citizen or resident of Grenada in excess of three (3) years.
  • The Delegate must have a very credible standing within the community and this must be supported by two (2) character references from professional luminaries within the community. Family affiliates WILL NOT be accepted.
  •  Contestants must not be married
  •  Contestants must not have given birth nor be pregnant on the days leading up to the show or on the night of the show itself.

Please email your applications to or drop it off at:
Spicemas Corporation Office

Suite D6

GCNA Complex

Kirani James Blvd,

St. George’s

P.O. Box 3238

Please submit application by Thursday, 21st March 2019. Only suitable applicants would be acknowledged.