Grenada, Trinidad And Tobago Experience The Dustiest Days of 2019 – Over the course of Sunday 17th March 2019, scores of people across Trinidad, Tobago and Grenada began feeling the effects of dense Saharan dust across the region.

this Saharan Dust Outbreak has produced unhealthy air quality across much of the Southern Windwards on Sunday into Monday. Visibility has been reduced to less than 5 kilometers.

Thankfully, the peak concentration associated with this event occurred early Sunday. However, unhealthy levels of Saharan Dust will remain across the Southern Caribbean through Monday, based on latest dust models.

This dust event was well forecast, with indications of a dense plume of Saharan Dust arriving over the weekend since last Tuesday. As the week progressed, the severity of the plume and this Saharan Dust Outbreak was clear.

Based on latest models, Saharan dust concentrations will likely return to mild levels late Wednesday into Thursday. However, in the interim, concentrations will fluctuate between unhealthy levels on Monday, to unhealthy for sensitive groups on Tuesday through Wednesday. By Thursday, air quality will return to moderate levels.