Woman Charged With Six Burglaries:”I Needed Food And Drugs”

Trinidadexpress.com- A woman charged with breaking into a shop five times and stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of items was on Monday sentenced to 36 years in prison.

Nikita Dipnarine told the police she was hungry and also wanted money to buy food and drugs.

Before Rio Claro senior magistrate Rae Roopchand , the woman said she was guilty of six offences of shop breaking and larceny. The sentences of six years hard labour on each of the charges are to run concurrently. She will serve six years in jail.

Dipnarine 29 of Craignish Village, Princes Town, was charged that on five occasions between Feb 14 and March 6, she stole grocery items, cigarettes, DVD players, tablets and beverages together valued $14,406 from Rosha and Nada Mini Mart. The business place is owned and operated at St Julien Village, Princes Town by Nada Mohan. Charges were laid by constable Hospedales, Johnson, Jagmohan and Clarence.

It was also alleged that she broke and entered Shelly’s Burger and Steak House in Petit Café, Princes Town once between February 28 and March 1 and stole cheesecake, meat products, beverages, a block of cheese, a cordless drill and a blender together $6,320. The establishment is owned by Shelly Ann Chatoor Ramdeen.

Dipnarine was arrested after she was found on the premises of Mohan’s minimart on March 6 and the police was contacted. Only these stolen items valued $653 were recovered. She admitted to officers that she was involved in taking the other items and that she was hungry and also wanted money to buy food and drugs.

The unemployed Dipnarine cried as she told the magistrate she was sorry for her actions.

Police prosecutor Sgt Mohammed presented her criminal record which showed she had several convictions for possession of drugs and also for possession of firearm and ammunition. She paid fines in the past for all the offences.

For the six charges before Roopchand, she was sentenced to the jail terms.

All the officers were commended for their dedication and devotion to service.