Saint Lucian In Martinique Shot And Killed Because Of Noise Complaint Police in Martinique are investigating reports that a 22-year-old Saint Lucian man may have been shot by his 53-year-old male neighbour due to a dispute stemming from a noise complaint or a theft allegation, according to reports gleaned from France-Antilles Martinique and Martinique la 1ère.

The fatal shooting occurred around 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 5 in Pays Mélé, Lamentin.

The deceased has been identified as 22-year-old Terry Alcindor.

He was originally from Babonneau in Saint Lucia but had been living in Martinique with his mother for about two years, according to reports.

According to media reports in Martinique, a heated argument allegedly developed after the 53-year-old man complained about noise.

The argument reportedly turned physical with Alcindor allegedly wounding the 53-year-old who then ran home to fetch his firearm.

The senior neighbour allegedly returned, chased Alcindor and shot him several times.

Alcindor died shortly after in hospital, according to media reports.

The shooter was arrested and charged. He appeared in court but the judge had ordered that he be further remanded in prison.

He was scheduled to appeal this decision through his lawyers on Tuesday, March 12.

Media reports in Martinique have also suggested that the shooting may have stemmed from an allegation surrounding the theft of auto parts.