Treatment Meted Out To Grenada International Saydrel Lewis

The Grenada Football Association is working assiduously to have International Footballer Saydrel Lewis back on Grenada soil following an unexpected end to his stint in Lebanon with Nejmeh SC.

Lewis who was contracted by Nejmeh SC to play in Lebanon contract was revoked after playing only three (3) games and has not received none of his salaries due to him for the past two and a half months.

It is reported that Lewis was forced and threatened to sign a termination letter which he did having feared for his safety without having his agent David Nahkid present.

The International player was also humiliated and received racist comments from club officials upon being expelled from the hotel where he was being accommodated.

Upon hearing of the situation with the Grenada National player, the Grenada Football Association has been in direct contact with the player and at this time arrangements are being made for his safe return to Grenada following threats placed on his life as well as the unprofessional treatment received from the club. Lewis is being housed by his agent awaiting a flight out of Lebanon.

President of the Grenada Football Association (GFA) Cheney Joseph has since written to the Lebanese Football Association in regards to the incident with the hope of the matter being settled soonest.

President Joseph in his letter to the President of the Lebanese Football Association, noted that the GFA deem these actions as unprofessional, unsavory and against the expressed desires of established football organizational practices including FIFA and AFC.

He noted that the Association will provide support to Mr. Lewis in seeking redress from FIFA and if possible, the necessary sanctions against the club and some of its officials.

President Joseph also advised that the matter be taken to football’s world governing body FIFA for investigation.