Couple Chopped: Father-In-Law Charged With Attempted Murder – A 67 year old Rio Claro man was charged with attempted murder of his son and daughter in law.

The suspect, of IDU Trace, Riverside Road, Poole Village, is expected to be taken before a magistrate on Friday.

Lalchan was taken into police custody after he allegedly chopped his two relatives on Wednesday night in the home they shared.

Rajesh Lalchan, 30, and his wife Bissoondaye Mahabir, 38, were chopped multiple times.

Around 7.30 p.m. Lalchan and Mahabir were involved in an argument allegedly with the suspect.

The suspect allegedly picked up a cutlass and attacked them.

Lalchan was chopped on the head, ear, and back, and sustained multiple fractures.

Witnesses called Rio Claro police and PC Meighoo and others arrested the suspect.

Lalchan and his wife were taken to the Princes Town District Health Facility, then transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital.

Lalchan is warded in serious condition.

Mahabir was treated and discharged.