Woman Kills Elderly Neighbour, Borrows Shovel To Bury Him

Trinidadexpress.com – POLICE detained a 25-year-old woman in Sangre Grande yesterday for chopping her 74-year-old neighbour to death, following which she allegedly asked neighbours for a shovel to bury his body.

The murder toll stood at 84 up to last night.

Police said the killing occurred just after 1.30 p.m. at Savannah Drive, Sangre Grande.

The victim, Trevor Johnson, was at his Savannah Drive home when the woman, who is a burger cart vendor, walked over to his house.

The two had a conversation, following which the wo­man stormed out the house and came back armed with a cutlass.

She then chopped Johnson on the left side of his neck.

Police said the woman then walked out the house and went to the home of one of Johnson’s neighbours asking them for a shovel, telling them she had just killed someone.

Shocked neighbours investi­gated and found Johnson’s body. Police said he had died by the time neighbours arrived.

The neighbours however made a citizen’s arrest and then called the Sangre Grande police who arrived and took the woman into custody. A district medical officer also visited the scene with the police.

Detectives who later questioned the woman was told by her that the man had tried to talk her into having sex.