SADO Host Successful Waste Water Management Workshop

    February 23, 2019 Grenville, St. Andrew – St.Andrew’s Development Organisation (SADO) hosted a training session on Saturday 23rd February at the Higher Level Conference Room, St. Andrew, where several individuals were exposed to the basics of waste water management techniques.

    This is part of the Sustainable Grenada 2030 project which is funded by GEF SGP Grenada. The first phase of the project was completed last year – the National Science Fair. Phase two of the project is that of the implementation of waste water management demonstration systems in several convalescent homes. The training is one of the initiatives under the Waste Water Management.

    The trainees on were exposed to the basics of waste and advised on how they can utilize wastewater in gardens and farms using the wetland design system and water management.

    The overall aim of the project is to address the health and economic issues because of the improper disposal of wastewater in Grenada, especially at convalescence homes throughout Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique. The participants were afforded the opportunity to visit one of the project sites, the Cardona Home for the Aged.

    Facilitator of the Training, Chief Land Use Officer Mr. Trevor Thompson said,” I am very excited about the project; it was previously completed back in 2017, at Spice Basket. It is one of the options that is becoming more popular, in farming and agriculture use, and most importantly given the impacts of climate change. “

    Thompson also said,” The idea is to collect all of the rainwater, that is being deposited into drains and into the river; and clean it up and then put it back into the drains, so that the quality of water would be better. It would have less pollutants and a positive impact on the Environment.”

    Amiesha Persaud one of the participants said, “I think it is something that we can implement. It is simple enough. I do think it needs to be taken a step further if we want to consider reuse, into different systems. There is a lot of opportunity from this and potential for energy generation.”

    Another of the participants Antonio Charles, a small business operator told us he decided to sign up because he saw the relevance in Grenada.“ I wanted to get a better aspect of what the cost and benefits were and what Grenada can take away from such training.”

    Following both sessions Charles said,” I can take away how the process can be conducted and I can see the application towards my use in small manufacturing. I would be able to use this to reserve a lot of the waste water and reuse it in what I need to do.”