Parent Upset Over Suspension Of Castries Student Based On WhatsApp Conversation

(SNO) — A parent is upset that her child, a female student attending a high school in the north of the island, was suspended based on a WhatsApp conversation with a male student who was allegedly harassing her.

The parent told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that her daughter has received two days of suspension because of the conversation which, she said, did not even happen during school hours.

The parent said the matter began unfolding when they were called into a meeting at the school on Monday, February 18.

She said during the meeting, the parents were told that their daughter had sent threatening messages to another student on WhatsApp and had used obscenity towards the student.

“In the conversation my daughter advised the student that if he does not stop harassing her or disrespecting her,
she will punch him in his face…” the parent said.

The parent also said that one day her daughter told the other student to “f@#$% off.”

“My daughter also advised the principal that the same student had touched her on her behind,” the parent stated. “And the principal informed us that she spoke to the student and he admitted that he touched her on her waist.”

She said because of her daughter’s conversation with the other student, she was suspended and asked not to report to school.

She explained that the conversation did not take place during school hours and her daughter was told that the reason she got the two-day suspension was because she is a well-behaved student.

“If not she would have gotten 10 days,” the parent said.

The parent further alleged that the male student touched her daughter during school hours and the principal heard about it the same day it took place.

She stated that the male student got two days for “in house” to investigate the matter.

“In house means they get to come to school but don’t go to any classes,” the parent explained. “But since he said is on her waist (he touched her) he was able to go back to regular classes.”

The parent is now very upset over the entire situation.

“My thing is they both cursed each other off on WhatsApp,” she said. “But only mine got sent home.”

Not satisfied the parent said she went to education officials on the matter.

“We were told to write a letter and was told someone will be contacting us later in the day,” the parent stated. “No one ever did.”