NAWASA’s Major Funded Project to Address the Challenges Of The Dry Season Within The Next Two Years

February 19, 2019, Grenada – NAWASA has a major concessionary funded project that will certainly address the challenges of this dry season faced by our consumers within the next two years.

NAWASA with the support of the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) will commence shortly with work under the Green Climate Fund for Grenada’s water project entitled: Climate-Resilient Water Sector in Grenada (G-CREWS)

This transformational project valued at EC $125 Million is the single largest investment in the island’s water sector to date, and will ensure that there are significant upgrades to certain systems throughout the island with the total budget financed as follows:

  • The Green Climate Fund – EC 105 million (Grant)
  • Government of Germany – EC 7.5 million (Grant)
  • Government of Grenada/NAWASA –EC 12.5 million (in kind and cash)

This MAJOR win presents a wonderful opportunity to comprehensively mainstream and implement climate resilience throughout Grenada’s entire national water sector addressing two main climate risks and vulnerabilities of Grenada: freshwater availability and disaster preparedness.

Overall, we will see replacement of a number of aged infrastructure with improvements in water quality and quantity and include:

  • A new ground water programme, re-drilling and rehabilitation of existing wells
  • New dam and storage tank at Les Avocat
  • New dam, raw water storage reservoir and treated water storage tank at Petite Etang.
  • New storage tank and transmission lines for Mirabeau.
  • New storage tank in Ahoma.
  • New storage tank in Morne Rouge.
  • Line replacement from Tivoli to the Town of Grenville
  • New storage Tank for Chantilly, Vendomme Water System.
  • New storage tank in Mt. Moritz and installation of new pipelines from Vendomme to this storage Tank.
  • New storage tank in Dr. Belle and associated pipelines from the Health Center to Dr. Belle in Gouyave, St. John.
  • New storage tank and associated pipelines in Mt. Craven, St. Patrick.
  • New storage tank and associated pipelines in Diego Piece in St. Mark for the Fountain Water System.
  • New Storage Tank and transmission lines for the Tufton Hall Water System.

Nawasa says they are working as they have finally received the support that they need to make these challenges a thing of the past.