Grenada Better Equipped To Deal With Oil Spills


    St. George’s, Grenada – Wednesday 13th January, 2019.

    The Grenada Ports Authority is today better equipped to respond to an oil spill.

    On Wednesday through the Japan’s Grant Aid for the Economic and social Development Program specifically related to Disaster Risk Management, commissioned and commenced a day long practical training session with personnel from the oil spill committee of the National Emergency Advisory Council of NaDMA facilitated by Japanese firm Nissei Trading.

    The Oil spill recovery system which was procured under the project is one of many timely tools requested by the various institutions who make up NaDMA that will be important in the management of hazards; natural or manmade.

    Present at the Commissioning activity Manager of the Port Mr. Ian Evans said the equipment will help improve the response capability of Grenada in case of an oil spill.

    “This expands the capability in that pool of equipment, as to the risk, it is a great risk, not just ships coming to Grenada but we also have ships going through the region, and the section between Grenada and Trinidad is one of the busiest transit points in the Caribbean.”

    Manager of the Overseas department at Japanese firm Nissei Trading Satoshi Izawa said the equipment will be very effective in protecting the local shore line if there was an oil spill.

    Wednesday’s training attracted participants from RUBIS, SOL, the Grenada Coast Guard, Ports Authority and NaDMA.

    The equipment received were skimmer, pressure washers, tank (Containment boom) and a truck.

    The Japan aid project is valued at US $800,000.

    For additional information, please contact NaDMA on 440-8390-4 & 440-0838, or email: /, website