CIMH Makes Presentation To National Advisory Council

    St. George’s, Grenada – Wednesday 13th January, 2019.

     The general body of the National Emergency Advisory Council (NEAC) was on Wednesday the privileged group to receive a timely presentation from the Caribbean Institute of Metrology and Hydrology (CIMH).

    Entitled, “Governance of climate services delivery in Grenada”, Mr. Adrian Trotman Chief of applied Metrology and Climatology at CIMH gave a thought provoking presentation on the realities of delivering information to key sectors on climate impacts and changes in a timely manner.

    Speaking to the purpose of the Presentation, Trotman said, the institution (CIMH) has been leading the thrust towards enhancing climate services in the Caribbean.

    During a fact finding mission in 2018 the team met with several stakeholder groups on ways to move climate services forward, where information will be provided on different time scales to key socio-economic stakeholders there by helping them to make better decisions such that would reduce the risk of climate impacts relative to hazards.

    Trotman spoke to the need for Grenada to be able to provide not just information relating to the weather and aviation but that of targeting specific sectors such as agriculture and providing a service that these sectors can use to positively impact their service.

    Commenting on the growth observed at the Metrological Services over the years, Trotman said the team has made significant strides with their support, focusing on better packaging the information it currently presents to the public.

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