Five School Counsellors To Attend Drug Control Courses

    GEORGE, GRENADA, FEB. 12, 2019: The Drug Control Secretariat of the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development and Religious Affairs hereby informs the public that five counsellors from secondary schools, have been selected to participate in two online training courses in drug control, being offered by the Cooperation Programme between Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union on Drugs Policies- COPOLAD II.


    The persons attending the various courses are as follows:


    Course 2 – “Comprehensive and integrated drug-related socio-sanitary system at primary care”

    • Nicole Johnson-James, Counsellor, Anglican High School

    Course 4 – “Comprehensive approach to prevent and reduce adverse consequences of drug use in highly vulnerable populations: a public health strategy”

    • Salie Charles Palmer, Counsellor, Mac Donald College
    • Laurel Caton George, Counsellor, Grenada Christian Academy
    • Mary-Alma DuBois-Calliste, Counsellor, St. Rose Modern Secondary School
    • Christopher Belfon, Counsellor, Grenada Boys Secondary School


    Online training will commence on March 4, 2019.  The duration of the training is six months.


    The aim of these courses is to broaden professional capacity for planning and implementation officers, in charge of developing and evaluating policies, strategies and programmes, in key areas of drugs policy.


    Issues to be addressed in the training include:

    1. Health processes and their determinants, in relation to the use of psychoactive substances


    1. The public health approach applied to addressing the problems caused by the use of alcohol and other psychoactive substances


    • Implementation of care to people with problematic substance use, in high vulnerability contexts: analysis of social and health barriers in access to service


    1. Prevention of suicidal behaviour and management of psychiatric comorbidity, among substance users, in high vulnerability contexts


    1. Gender and diversity factors, in the management of problematic drug use, in high-vulnerability contexts

    COPOLAD is a cooperation programme between the European Union (EU) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), aimed at optimizing and expanding the lines of action in order to consolidate the necessary context to achieve a more balanced, comprehensive, evidence-based and therefore more effective implementation of public policies on drugs in the CELAC countries.  Grenada has already benefitted from several training programs offered by COPOLAD.