19 Girls Rescued From Ariapita Avenue Building

Trinidadexpresss.com – Nineteen Spanish speaking girls, between the ages 15 and 17, were rescued this morning from a businessplace along the Ariapita Avenue in Woodbrook.

Six people, of Asian ethnicity, were arrested for harbouring the girls.

The teenagers were rescued during a police operation which took place at about 2a.m. today, led by Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

The operation involved officers of the Western Division, the Special Operations Response Team, the Financial Intelligence Branch, and the Counter Trafficking Unit.

The teenagers have been taken for medical examination, and are being housed in a police facility in the Western Division.

Through the use of translators, Griffith himself has spoken to many of the victims, and has expressed his sympathy for what they experienced.

Speaking with Express this morning, Griffith said that this operation was a major breakthrough in the trafficking of women from Venezuela, and possibly even the trafficking of drugs.