Update On Major Water Outage

Grenada, November 11th – The Parish of St. Patrick is without water for a second day. This is due to damage done to two major dams there, as a result of heavy rain Friday night. In a message sent to our news desk, NAWASA’s communication supervisor, Jamila Samuel, stated the following:

“Our employees braved the terrains of Zulu and Cha Cha dams before the sun rose to commence work at 6 am in an effort to restore water supply.

Our affected dams in the parish of St. Patrick serve consumers in the parishes of St. Mark and St. Patrick as well as from Tivoli through to Dunfermline in the parish of St. Andrew.

It is not an easy feat.. walking with pipes for over an hour on shoulders to commence repairs and even before having to clear rocks and boulders manually.

It is our hope that the general public would understand why we plead for consumers to have a three day supply of stored water at all times. This puts less pressure on our employees and makes life alot easier for consumers when faced with such challenges.

Consumers served by those dams we understand your furstration but be reminded that our same employees out in the dams are faced with the same reality as you are. They all reside in communities the affected dams serve. They too are without a supply to their homes.

We appreciate your understanding as we work hard to restore a supply and encourage all to utilise their stored supply taking into consideration the needs of their household.”

We will continue monitoring the progress made by NAWASA and bring you updates as necessary.