Grenada National Swim Team Ready To Defend 2018 OECS Title

October 30, 2018,  St. George’s Grenada.   The stage has been set as the Grenada National Swim Team enters its final week of preparation for the 2018 OECS Swim Championship in St. John’s Antigua.  Through the support of the GOC and the Ministry of Sports and several corporate supporters, the first group of the 34-member team will depart the island on Tuesday November 6th ahead of the OECS Championships, which will commence on the 8th of November.

Building on the process started last year, the team’s training focus concentrated on the development of the technical skills of the team.  “With the technical assistance of a US based stroke specialist greater emphasis has been placed on refining the technique of our swimmers in their starts, turns and proper stroke technique.  “In 2017, through the assistance of the GOC, GASA was able to support the teams’ training with the addition of the stroke specialist and the GOC was able to once again support this initiative, which has gone a long way in the continued development of our swimmers,” says President of the GASA, Peron Johnson.

While Grenada continues to have its eyes set on the championship title for 2018, as an Association, GASA equally values the long-term development of Grenada’s National Swimmers.  “It is much more than preparing for one championship title; strong technical skills will allow our swimmers to enhance their competitiveness and open opportunities for qualification for increased Regional and International competitions,” says Johnson.  The Stroke Specialist will head the Technical Team for this year’s OECS Championship.

Over the past year we have seen the benefits of a great technical focus with an increased number of our swimmers qualifying to compete and medaling at higher-level competitions in the Region.  The future looks bright for swimming in Grenada and focus on the foundation skills will ensure its longevity.

Grenada’s team this year will include the participation in the Open Water Competition by 3 of our swimmers.  Jaydon Hyson, Enya Noel and Dajeanel Williams will compete in the Open Water Championship on Sunday November 11th following the conclusion of the Pool competition.

The 2018 OECS Team Manager is Reyan Neckles and Peron Johnson; GASAs’ President will lead the delegation.   For the first time the National Swim will also be accompanied by a physiotherapist, which has been facilitated through the Ministry of Sports.