North American Companies Express Interest In Starting Local Marijuana Projects In St Lucia

(CMC) – Companies in the United States and Canada have expressed an interest in starting medical marijuana projects in St. Lucia.

This was disclosed by the Chairman of St. Lucia’s Cannabis Movement, Andre ‘Pancho’ de Caires, who said one of the investors wants to plant two thousand acres of marijuana on the island.

According to de Caires, the investors indicated interest up to three years ago, while another just this year expressed interest.

But de Caires has voiced concern that this country could miss the boat as it is still to legalise marijuana.

“We have already missed out on a lot of opportunities,” the Chairman of the Cannabis Movement told reporters last Thursday.

De Caires revealed that five investors, four from Canada and one in the United States, have personally contacted him.

“These are guys who want to come down here and have us grow cannabis for their operations. It’s all medical, so what they want to do is produce medical extracts for export to an international market – big cannabis brands,” the Cannabis Movement official explained.

“We need to get going,” he declared, while adding that the Cannabis Movement was advised by the Office of the Prime Minister to speak with Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Commerce, Industry, Investment, Enterprise Development and Consumer Affairs, Bradley Felix, about the matter.

“It shows that the PM definitely has intentions of entertaining these foreign investors,” de Caires observed.

He said the Cannabis Movement has been trying to organise a meeting with Felix, the Minister of National Security and the Attorney General.

“We would like to meet the three of them together,” de Caires said.