NaDMA And Met Monitoring Several Tropical Systems

St. George’s, Grenada – Sunday 23RD September, 2018 – The Grenada Meteorological Services at the Maurice Bishop International Airport is currently monitoring several tropical systems in the Atlantic.

At 8pm, Tropical Storm Leslie was located 33.5 North and 47.2 West, while Kirk is located 9.5 North and 32.3 West.

In addition to these tropical systems an area of low pressure about 375 miles southwest of Bermuda has a 30% chance through 48 hours and a 40% chance through 5 days of becoming a cyclone.

Also a non-tropical low pressure system is expected to form north of subtropical storm Leslie by Wednesday and would have a 0% chance through 48 hours and a 40% chance through 5 days becoming a cyclone.

As Met monitor the systems it is important to note that Grenada’s area of interest is 10 – 20 Degrees North and 45 – 65 degrees West.

Please note that these systems pose no immediate threat to the state of Grenada and at present we are NOT under any Storm/Hurricane Watch or Warning.

As the Agency of Disaster Management we remind the public that we are still in the hurricane season and the practice of preparedness needs to be the watch word, whether or not the island is affected by any tropical systems.

Preparedness is key in mitigating against hazards and critically important in preserving lives, livelihoods and property.

The Met Services will continue to monitor these systems currently in the Atlantic and timely updates will be disseminated to public through the various media outlets.