Grenada Gets Ready To Train Para Coaches & Officials 

St. George’s, Grenada, June 12, 2018: The Grenada Paralympics Committee, (GPC), – affiliated to the International Paralympic Committee, (IPC), – will stage its first training workshop June 18 & 19 at the Roy St. John Pavilion and Playing Field. The two-day activity will bring together 20 coaches, physical education teachers, and administrators focusing on various aspects of developing the para sport in Grenada.

The facilitators are consultants from neighboring Trinidad and Tobago Playable Caribbean – a company with many years of experience working with physically challenged athletes.

The objectives of the workshop are to provide the basic skills and knowledge to work with the physically challenged.

Day One of the workshop will feature –

  • Paralympic Sport- Grassroots –
  • Paralympic Sport Classification
  • Adapted Equipment
  • Role and Responsibilities
  • Inclusive community coaching
  • Group session- creating an inclusive sport activity

Day 2

  • Group session-creating an inclusive sport activity
  • Group session – inclusive sport activity demonstrations
  • Peer review of activities
  • Setting up your community programs
  • Day 2 Review • Next steps

President of the Grenada Paralympics Committee Ray Roberts said the hope is a cadre of coaches and officials will emerge and help unearth and develop the talents among the physically challenged.

According to Roberts we have an abundance of talent based on what I have seen in the school for Special Education and the GNCD track meets. There are physically challenged athletes from St. Mark and The Limes School with tremendous ability.  He added, that with coaching and guidance they will be well positioned and equipped  to represent Grenada at Para Games with merit.

Roberts said what is unfortunate is that we limit the physically challenged athletes to novelty events rather than train and encourage them to participate in traditional event.

He noted that Para sport is second only to the summer Olympics and there is no reason Grenada ought not to feature in future games.

Roberts said the GPC will next year ask Inter-col organisers to include two track events on each day of the games featuring physically challenge in sprint and relay events.

Also, he said, most of the OECS and Caribbean countries have National Paralympics Committees and efforts will be made to have NOCs in the sub-region include a few para events in their track and field meets.