Grenadians Being Removed By Police From A KFC In Berlin (+Video)

(Updated) GRENADA, MAY 21, 2018: Six Grenadians and one Trinidadian, currently residing in London, were today asked to leave a KFC branch in Berlin, Germany, by police there. According to one of the persons, who didn’t wish to be identified – she and her six friends went to the KFC location to have lunch. She explained that, “while there, we were laughing and chatting, as were the other people there, when we were asked by a worker to keep quiet.” She further stated that one of the members of their group inquired from the worker as to why their group was being singled out. The police later showed up and without explanation, asked them to leave the restaurant.

The entire exchange was recorded by one of the members of the group.

All seven persons were visiting Berlin for the Carnival of Cultures, which began on Friday May 18th and ended today, May 21st.

The video, which was posted online, went viral, as Caribbean nationals describe the incident as a case of racial discrimination.