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PM Calls For Openness And Boldness In Helping Young People Acquire Higher Education

GEORGE’S, GRENADA, MONDAY 14THMAY, 2018 –GIS:- Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, while paying homage to past policy makers and officials in education, has encouraged workers at the Ministry of Education not to let up as they carry the baton left by their predecessors.

Dr. Mitchell has also called for openness between employees and leaders in the Ministry of Education and says bold moves must be made to bolster young people’s bid for higher learning.

“This is a relay and we must recognize the contributions of the former Ministers of Education, Permanent Secretaries and Chief Education Officer, and thank them for it,” Dr. Mitchell pointed out.

“Now it is time for others to take the baton and continue the work because our children’s future is at stake.”

Addressing the workers last Friday, May 11th, in the presence of Ministers Emmalin Pierre and Pamela Moses, as well as Permanent Secretaries Finley Jeffrey and Mrs. Jacinta Joseph, the Grenadian Prime Minister underscored the collective role that personnel in the Ministry of Education must play in supporting young people’s right to education and training.

Dr. Mitchell also called on the staff to be open with education policy makers, who he says, must also be open to ideas from staff.

“Our ministers will make mistakes. They won’t have all the ideas. We are not perfect so we will need your feedback in the decision making process”, Dr. Mitchell said.

“Your openness with the ministers, permanent secretaries and other policy makers will determine how successful the ministry is ultimately. Communication is key.  How you do it, not by gossiping etc., but by being open with our policy makers”.

In the open forum with the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Education’s staff was also encouraged to make suggestions on the way forward. Among the ideas floated included the need for a National Library, the introduction of a Media Literacy Education Program as well as the expansion of NEWLO and TAMCC to better serve young men, in particular, amid concerns that they have often been shut out of the education system.

“We cannot fail our students. Our young people are ambitious and need our support and guidance. Unless we take bold initiatives, we will not be able to give them what they need,” Dr. Mitchell insisted.

“The decisions might be controversial, but we must do it. It isn’t business as usual. This isn’t about how I look as PM, or how the Government looks. It is about each of us asking, what we are doing, how bold are we ensuring that we can maximize the opportunities for the young people that we are responsible for”.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Mitchell announced that his Government will continue to look at regularizing the status of remaining temporary teachers and consider as well the implementation of a substitute teacher system.

Also, the Prime Minister encouraged staff to offer recommendations on the best person to fill the vacant position of Chief Education Officer.

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