5 Men On Drug Charges – Over 500LBS Of Marijuana

Five men nabbed during a drug raid at the weekend will appear at the Sauteurs Magistrate’s Court, today, Tuesday 10th April, 2018.

Parker Hyacinth, 61 years, of Calivigny St. George, Kurt Stapleton, 32 years, Fisherman, of Frequente, St. George, Garfield Clement, 31 years, of Victoria, St. Mark and Michael Scott, 53 years, Fisherman of Lower Depradine Street, Gouyave St. John, will answer to the charges of trafficking in and importing a controlled drug while Jackim Young, 21 years, of St. Mark and Livingston Smith, 32 years, Bus Driver of Mt. Horne, St. Andrew, were charged with the offence of conspiracy to traffic a controlled drug,

The men were charged after a fishing vessel carrying approximately five hundred pounds of cannabis were intercepted in the Darvey Beach area on Saturday 7th April, 2018.

Apart from the cannabis and the fishing vessel a mini bus was also seized during the raid.

NAME: Garfeild CLEMENT OCC: Unemployed ADD: Victoria, St Marks
NAME: Livingston SMITH OCC: Businessman ADD: Mt Hartman, St George’s
NAME: Michael SCOTT OCC: Fisherman ADD: Gouyave, St John
NAME: Kurt STAPLETON OCC: Fisherman ADD: Frequente, St George
NAME: Jakim YOUNG OCC: Construction Worker ADD: Non Pariel, St Marks