No Charge For Woman Who Was Reported Kidnapped By Her Husband


Trinidad – NewsDay
NO CHARGES: Kuntie “Popsie” Deopersad

THE Barrackpore mother of seven who told relatives she had been kidnapped and held for seven days, will not face any charge of wasteful employment of police time.

Kuntie “Popsie” Deopersad, 37, of Oropouche Trace, Barrackpore, went missing on March 20, after telling her husband Tilkee Gopaul she was going to the Princes Town Health Centre to be treated for a skin condition. When she failed to return home and did not answer her cellphone, Gopaul made a report to the Barrackpore police. Sgt Lewis called the Anti Kidnapping Unit and they searched for the mother of seven. Police sources said at no time did Deopersad, also known as Popsie, make any contact with her husband to say she had been kidnapped.

On March 27, seven days later, she returned home and told her husband she and another woman were snatched near the Princes Town Health Centre, and taken by car to an air-conditioned room where they were tied up and fed vegetarian meals of rice and vegetables and roti. She said she was allowed to bathe and was not harmed in any way. She also told her husband she used a hairpin to open the door and escape.

That same day, Deopersad went to the Barrackpore police station and told Lewis and other officers she had not been kidnapped, but had left her marital home out of frustration.

She said she was experiencing domestic issues with her husband, claiming her 60-year-old spouse never took her out or treated her like a lady. She also confessed that taking care of seven children was too much for her and she felt she was missing out on life.

She also told police she had met a man with whom she had struck up a secret relationship, and when he asked her to spend a week with him, she decided to take the chance so she could have some enjoyment and peace of mind. She told police where she had stayed and admitted she thoroughly enjoyed herself during her seven-day stay.

After she had made her statement, senior officers were contacted and decided to seek advice from the police’s legal team. Sources said because Deopersad did not make a false report to the police of her whereabouts, no charge will be laid against her.

Deopersad’s husband said yesterday he was happy to have his wife back home because he and the children had missed her a lot, and now they are home from school for the Easter vacation he was looking forward to her excellent cooking.