Think Water Safety This Easter


The Royal Grenada Police Force is urging the public to be especially careful about safety when in or around the water this Easter Season.

Persons are encouraged to adhere to the rules and regulations that govern water activities, be mindful of the dangers of water and to take the necessary measures to safeguard their personal safety and that of others.

Persons are reminded that at this time of the year the average wind speed tend to be higher. Persons should also be mindful of the fact that the wind speed peaks late morning into afternoon.

With that in mind, boaters and fishermen are encouraged to be especially vigilant about monitoring weather reports before venturing out at sea to avoid being caught unaware; ensure boating safety rules or precautions have not been overlooked or forgotten, always consider safety factors as well as be adequately prepared for any possibility whilst out at sea.

Boat captains are also reminded of their duty of safety to their passengers.

Fishermen should be familiar with the area that they are fishing in; snorkelers and swimmers stay in areas where they are most familiar, always keep an eye out for rip currents especially around the coastline, keep an eye on the waves and avoid areas where there is a strong backwash.

Snorkelers should avoid any distance from shore when alone.

Sea-bathers and boaters are advised to watch their alcohol consumption.

Other safety advice include swimming only in the designated areas, obeying instructions / directions from lifeguards, avoid swimming immediately after a big meal and while intoxicated as well as refrain from diving into shallow seawater. It is also important to always have a designated water-watcher who is responsible for keeping track of everyone at the beach or pool and to avoid swimming alone. Moreover, knowing CPR is a skill that can mean the difference between survival and the death of a victim who almost drowned.

With the increase of water activities and persons frequenting our nation’s beaches at this time, a special appeal is made for water taxis, small craft operators and boaters to practice safety on our waterways and be more vigilant for persons in the water.

The RGPF is advising that you exercise extreme caution and avoid speeding as this can cause loss of lives, injuries and damage to property. Observe the navigation rules of the waterways and think safety at all times.