Three Cops Suspended In La Brea Massacre Case

Trinidad – Express

Abigail Chapman, her landlord Michael Scott and her daughter Olivia Chapman.

THREE police officers attached to the La Brea Police Station have been suspended from duties pending the outcome of an investigation into how they responded to a domestic violence report made by Abigail Chapman, who ended up being killed along with her daughter and two others in la Brea this week.

The officers were handed their suspension letters on Friday.

The suspension order was approved by Acting Commissioner of Williams and was with immediate effect.

The officers were on duty last week Thursday when Chapman went to the La Brea Police Station to report that a man had entered her apartment and put a knife to her neck after she had broken off the relationship.

Chapman’s mother says her daughter and the others victims would have been alive if the police had acted prompt to find and arrest the suspect who remains at large.

Instead, Chapman, 42, her daughter Olivia, 15, Olivia’s friend Mikella, 15, and landlord Michael Scott, 69, were stabbed and beaten to death at Chapman’s apartment at Khani Settlement, la Brea.

The conduct of police officers in the case has outraged the country.

A separate investigation is being done by the Police Complaints Authority (PCA).

A joint funeral service will be held for murdered mother and daughter Abigail and Olivia Chapman on Wednesday in La Brea.

Abigail, 42 and her 15-year-old daughter were among four killed on Tuesday.