Grenada Discovers Gas And Oil

File Photo

GEORGE’S GRENADA,MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2018, GIS: Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has announced that “significant gas and oil” have been found in the territorial waters of Grenada.

Prime Minister Mitchell’s announcement at a massive rally in St.Andrew’s late Sunday ends lingering speculation in Grenada’s hunt to find oil and gas.

The discovery was made by Russian outfit Global Petroleum Group (GPG) which has been undergoing an exploratory drilling campaign.

“After all the headaches, one Well was drilled; there were results that we wanted to confirm before we make a noise,” Prime Minister Mitchell announced.

“The report said that we have found significant gas and oil in the waters of Grenada in one Well so far” Dr. Mitchell stated to loud applause and cheering.

The Prime Minister also announced the finding of several more Oil Wells which he said offered more exciting prospects.

“You know what that means for your future, it means a lot for the future of this country,” the Prime Minister said.

“Sisters and brothers, one Well, we have several more wells which are even more exciting than the one they just found. In other words, Grenada can be a massive supplier of oil and gas”.

Prime Minister Mitchell has presided over a Government that has sparked an economic turnaround in Grenada in the last five year, making a robust claim for his party’s re-election in general elections carded form Tuesday, March 13th