Man Jailed For Grabbing Stranger’s Breast

‘I was wrong’: Fayad Ali leaves the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court yesterday after he was sentenced to three months in prison for touching a woman’s breast

TRINIDAD – A MAN who fondled a woman’s breast at High Street, San Fernando was yesterday sentenced to three months with hard labour in jail by a San Fernando magistrate. Fayad Ali, a 33-year-old father of three, was charged with indecently assaulting the 42-year-old woman on Monday evening. He pleaded guilty before magistrate Alicia Chankar. Prosecutor PC Cleyon Seedan said, at about 6.30 pm the woman was walking on High Street when she was approached by Ali. He stopped her and said, “Oh gosh, pressure family” then began to fondle her left breast. He then ran away but was arrested later that day on High Street.

Ali apologised in court yesterday saying he was drunk at the time. He also told Chankar his hands “accidentally touched the woman’s breast.”

Chankar asked Ali, “Sir do you think this woman would not know the difference between a squeeze and a touch?” Ali replied, “Yes miss.”

Chankar told him he violated the woman’s trust by touching her inappropriately.
“You did not just touch her sir, you grabbed her breast.

After sentence was passed on him, Ali began to beg for leniency saying, “Miss I just want to go home to my girls. One of my daughters is writing SEA this year.”

Chankar asked Ali how he would have felt if one of his daughters told him that a man grabbed her breast. He replied, “I would be disturbed and go to the police station Miss.”

Via News Day