Fire At Penny Wise Store In The City Put Out By A Vendor

Penny Wise Store Shortly After The Fire

ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, MAR. 2, 2018: Fire broke out at the Penny Wise Wholesale and Retail store, which is located in the city, on Friday Morning.

One eyewitness said they saw sparks coming from behind a television set and shortly after it caught fire.

Police say they received the call shortly before 10am on Friday and responded. Upon arrival at the scene, they observed the fire was already put out by a street vendor, who went to a neighboring business for a fire extinguisher.

The Good Samaritan, who put out the blaze, told reporters once he saw what was happening he ran for help and was able to skillfully tackle the fire. He wants the government to make it mandatory that all businesses have an extinguisher.

No injuries were reported. And, the damage caused by the fire seems to be minimal.