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Kerricia Hobson (Commonwealth Point of Light 18)

Kerricia Hobson, representing Grenada, is the National Coordinator of the ‘Grenada Chapter of the Caribbean Youth Environment Network,’ an organisation empowering young people to protect the environment.

She coordinates outreach at Grenada’s annual international beach clean up, is leading efforts to push the Litter Act through Parliament, and has convinced many premises on the island to support WWF’s annual ‘Earth Hour’ which encourages landmarks and businesses to switch off their lights to raise awareness of climate change.

The award for Kerricia Hobson was presented by the Governor General of Grenada, Dr Cecile La Grenade.

Kerricia said:

“I am truly honoured to receive this distinction. To be selected as a Commonwealth Point of Light awardee has been humbling, yet it is encouraging to be recognised for something I am truly passionate about. My sincerest gratitude to Her Majesty The Queen and the selection committee for acknowledging my commitment to raising awareness of climate change and the environment, and for youth empowerment.”

Janet Douglas, UK High Commissioner in Grenada, said:

“I am delighted that Kerricia is being recognised  for the valuable contribution she is making to preserve Grenada’s environment, and in raising awareness about the effects of human activity on climate change. Her leadership and efforts to inspire change make Kerricia a worthy Commonwealth Point of Light.”

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