Killing Stuns Belleview

BARBADOS – Barbados Today

The track at Bellview Waterford St Michael where Adrian Griffith (inset) was murdered Sunday night.

Some residents of Belleview, Waterford, St Michael are shocked and fearful after one of their own was murdered in the community late last night.

Police say they are continuing investigations into the death of 34-year-old Adrian Griffith, who was shot and killed around 11:30 last night, while walking home with his 24-year old girlfriend through a track in Waterford, St Michael. Lawmen said the attacker, who shot Griffith multiple times, fled the scene.

His girlfriend, who was unhurt, ran and screamed for help, but Griffith subsequently succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

When Barbados TODAY visited the community, a number of residents remained tight-lipped due to the nature of the crime, while those who agreed to speak requested anonymity.

“I will not to tell you a lie, nothing so never happen down in here. That is the truth,” one surprised resident said.

“When it happen last night it had me like shake up. I stand and hear all these shot, but you know I didn’t think it was anything big. I know sometimes the men does do them thing so I figure it was something like that. I didn’t see nothing. It was night and I wasn’t really looking or moving. I come out after.”

He added: “It wasn’t until I see one of my partners and he told me, ‘well he get shoot’ . . . that me and a couple fellas went to the scene now and we just see him there lying down, but when we get here he was done dead.

“I still feel a little shake up, that is the truth. I haven’t eaten yet for the day. I just thankful that the shots didn’t hit my house or anything,” the resident added.

Another shaken resident recalled seeing the deceased a few moments before he met his death.

“I saw him about five minutes before he dead. He came into the shop and then I stand and hear the man get hit and he dead. I say, ‘no the man just leave here’. I come out to where it happen and I saw everyone out here. I asked the police, well to let me see him and they said no and that was that. But I don’t know boy, this got all of we up in here good,” he said.