KFC Relay Meet Traffic Arrangement


ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, FEB. 16, 2018: The Traffic Department RGPF wishes to inform the general public that commencing 12:00 p.m. on Saturday the 17th day of February 2018, the following traffic arrangements will be in effect for the K.F.C Relay meet.

No Entry;

Vehicular traffic will not be allowed in the following areas.

  • Old Fort Public Road from its junction with Lucas Street.
  • Cemetery Hill from its junction with Church Street.
  • The Ring Road from its junction with Mt. Rush road to the direction of the Hump Back Bridge during the athletic meet.
  • Hump Back Bridge from River Road direction at the completion of the athletic meet.

V.I.P, Sponsors and official parking will be at the

  • Concrete area car park at the athletic stadium.

Public Parking;

  • Dirt area to the left side of the concrete car park
  • Behind the National Stadium within the vicinity of the cricket net, entering from the ring road through gate 6.


No Parking Zone;

No parking will be allowed in the following areas on either side of the road;

  • Melville street from the Fish Market to Cherry Hill
  • River Road from Purcell’s Lumber yard to the Roundabout close to La. Qua Brothers Crematorium
  • Rush Public Road from its junction with the Ring Road.
  • The main entrance to the National Stadium.
  • Ring Road from Mt. Rush junction to the Hump Back Bridge