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Cops Claim Carnival Crime Fighting Success, Thank God

Minister of National Security Edmond Dillon, from left, Acting Commissioner of Police,Stephen Williams, and Chief of Defence Staff Hayden Pritchard walk along South Quay and Charlotte street, Port of Spain during Down Town Carnival on Tuesday. Photo ISHMAEL SALANDY

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Carnival 2018 Gold Commander Deputy Police Commissioner Deodat Dulalchan on Thursday issued a statement at a post-Carnival media briefing, in which he claimed that the police were successful in their crime fighting activities.

The following is his statement:

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) wishes to indicate that Carnival 2018, from a policing standpoint was successful.

The TTPS would like to take this opportunity to thank Almighty God, all Carnival stakeholders, such as the National Carnival Commission and its umbrella organisations in mas, pan and calypso, as well as key stakeholders, including:-

– Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force,

– Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service,

– Trinidad and Tobago Prisons Service,

– Customs and Excise,

– Immigration Division,



– Licensing Division,

– Municipal Police and Traffic Wardens.

The Police Service also wants to extend its praises and appreciation to masqueraders and the general public, for being responsible, considerate and caring during the Carnival period.

There were 21 Serious Reported Crimes for Carnival 2018, which represents an increase of 5 SRCs from Carnival 2017, when 16 SRCs were recorded. This represents the second lowest number of SRCs in the last six years.

The other offences recorded include,

– Wounding – 1, (Southern),

– Shootings with intent – 1, (Southern),

– Larceny from the person – 3,

– Larceny – 2,

– Robberies –  9,

– Rape – 1,

– Homicide – 2,

– Possession of Marijuana – 2, From midnight Sunday 11th, February, 2018 to midnight Tuesday 13th February, 2018, a total of 145 persons were arrested for various offences, with 96 persons being formally charged and 49 persons were assisting in outstanding enquiries.

Patrols – 1971 Road Blocks and Exercises – 139 DUI Exercises – 18 DUI Arrests – 18 Speed Gun Tickets Issued – 46 Tickets issued Inclusive of Speed – 99 Firearms Recovered – 10 Ammunition Recovers 63 Rounds Assorted Absenteeism (absent and sick) – 16% (808) 4% less than 2017 Campsites Visited – 49 Campsites Pre-Carnival Events – 90 events

Divisions with No Carnival Related SRCs –

Wrecking Monday 12th February – 285 Vehicles Wrecked Tuesday 13th February – 153 Vehicles Wrecked

Total – 438 Vehicles Wrecked

Non-Carnival Related Crime (11)

– Homicide – 2

– Shooting with Intent – 1

– Wounding with Intent – 3

– Robbery – 1

– Store Breaking and Larceny – 1

– Larceny Motor Vehicle – 1

– Larceny – 2

2017 had 14 SRCs not related to Carnival

In closing, I will like to publicly thank all police officers who would have rallied to the call to duty and displayed the highest levels of patriotism and commitment, to ensure success in policing the Carnival 2018.

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