NDC Disappointed By Politicization Of Independence Celebrations

Press Release – National Democratic Congress Grenada

Last week, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) called on a joint independence celebration. We believe that on a day of national unity, the best way to show unity is to stand together, hand in hand, committed to building a Grenada that puts people first.

The NNP disagreed. They turned a government funded rally and concert into a political event – featuring only one party, the NNP. The speeches were highly political in nature and the NDC was not given a platform to respond.

“Independence Day is our national day – a day for all Grenadians to come together and celebrate our country,” noted Franka Bernardine, the NDC’s candidate in St. George South East. “It is therefore highly disappointing that not only did the NNP reject our calls for an event featuring all candidates regardless of party – but, they chose to use this government funded rally to promote their political agenda. That’s unfair and undemocratic. Government money should not be used to promote any political party. If you’re looking for leaders to bring the country together and put people first, I encourage you to vote NDC on March 13th.”