Brush With Death


Keion Harding-Adams managed to crawl out of this well after the slab he stood on collapsed. (Picture by Ricardo Leacoock.)

His story may have had a happy ending, but residents of Fairholme Gardens in Maxwell, Christ Church, are still fuming after 12-year-old Keion Harding-Adams miraculously escaped death or serious injury after he fell into a well that had invited tragedy for over two years.


And it took his narrow-escape for the Ministry of Transport and Works (MTW) to act Friday.

It was around 3 p.m. when the Deighton Griffith student mustered every ounce of energy and bravery in his small frame to climb out of the 25-foot-deep well, which he fell into after a makeshift cover he stepped on collapsed.

Michelle Harding said her son survived the ordeal with only soft tissue damage.

MTW workers were seen cordoning off the well with cans and caution tape after the incident but several residents told the SATURDAY SUN this act was too late. They had been calling the MTW to deal with the dangerous matter since August 2016.