Inspirational Schoolboy

TRINIDAD – Trinidad Guardian

A San Juan schoolboy became a social media sensation yesterday after advising other young people to choose making “honest money” instead of selling drugs and breaking into people’s homes to make a living.

The video, which is just under three minutes long, was filmed outside the popular Uncle Beddoes supermarket in San Juan, where the young man who identifies himself as Ajay Aberdeen was selling peppers.

In the video, Aberdeen said that he grows the peppers himself.

“Good morning, my name is Ajay Aberdeen, I have my own pepper garden and what inspired me to start to sell peppers is that it have youths today who on the block selling ganja which is illegal, and it has those who want to break into houses and distress people. I not on that, I want honest money so I came out here to sell peppers.”

Aberdeen said he got the idea to start his garden from his uncle who is also a farmer.

Aberdeen, who attends San Juan North Secondary School, said he placed first in Auto Mechanic. He then talks about other subjects he is doing, including his difficulties in Technical Drawing.

“When you want money, get hard-working and honest money, stay in school. Stay in school and look for honest money,” Aberdeen said.

Aberdeen wants to be a professional technician with his own garage when he gets older.

Within hours of the video being post on Facebook, it had been shared more than 14,000 times with over 7, 500 reacting positively to it.

Many applauded Aberdeen for being an inspiration.