Sandals Foundation Sizzling in the South

Pink Gin Beach, Grenada – Sandals Resorts International through the Sandals Foundation has always encouraged our guests to get involved in supporting our communities throughout the Caribbean, and we are always proud when they do. Few have shown more support than John Bechthold and his wife, who are Diamond Returning guests, and have visited every Sandals bar the brand new Royal Barbados.

This year, they’re in Grenada, and seized the opportunity to provide support for vulnerable persons there. “We enjoy giving back with Sandals Foundation every year when we come to the Caribbean,” proclaimed John. “We have been fortunate in our lives and it is important to us to pay it forward and give back as much as we can”.

Cyril Cox (representative of the Limes Development Committee), Ann Bechthold and John Bechthold (Returning Sandals Guest)

With the help of Sandals Foundation and the Limes Development Committee they were able to identify three persons with disabilities and in need of medical aid. The recipients: Alita Coutain a spirited and deaf young lady, with mobility challenges- was given a brand new walker; Peter Charles, an amputee who sustained his injury while on a construction worksite many years ago received a brand new durable pair of crutches; and Johnny Jones who has been battling diabetes- was given a brand new wheelchair.

The Bechthold’s support did not end there, they discovered, through the Catholic Church, a vulnerable family in need in

Morne Tout. The family’s four school aged children were gifted with all new school supplies and they have pledged to support the children throughout their school life. Further Sandals LaSource, repaired the rotting floors of the family’s small wooden house, to improve their safety and comfort.

“We are grateful for the assistance of all our guests. A Sandals guest is not the typical traveller; they are very informed, and well researched before deciding where they will vacation.  ‘Volun-tourism’ is something we encourage with our weekly Reading Road Trip and special outreach opportunities we undertake throughout the year. It is our duty to give a well-rounded and memorable experience and Sandals Foundation does our best to facilitate those who are genuinely willing to lend a helping hand.” Peter Fraser, General Manager, Sandals LaSource.