Police Advise Property Owners to Be Vigilant

The Royal Grenada Police Force is advising property owners to exercise more vigilance and put extra security measures in place to safeguard their lives and properties as the Holiday Season is a time of potentially higher crimes.

Despite its intensified strategies to keep the Festive Season safe and enjoyable the police is urging persons to make it as hard as possible for thieves.

The Royal Grenada Police Force encourages:

1. Removing and securing all garden and home tools that can be used to break into your premises such as ladders, cutlasses, hammers etc.
2. Trimming all shrubs; cutting or removing all overgrown trees or bushes and keep fencing low to ward off thieves.
3. Ensuring all outside lights are working properly.
4. Securely locking all windows and doors. Reinforcing all weak windows and doors by installing additional locks such as a flush bolts
5. Persons to avoid running electricity cords for Christmas lights through windows or doors cracks as this creates an easy way for thieves to enter the home.
6. When leaving your premises do a sweep to ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked properly. Do not leave keys in letterboxes, flower pots, under doormats etc.
7. Avoid the tell-tale signs no one is at your home by making your home look as if it is occupied. If you are having a late day at work or heading out for the evening consider leaving selected lights, TV or radio on to give the impression that someone’s home.
8. Have a trusted friend or neighbor take care of your property when you’re out or away on holiday. If you can, find someone to park their car outside your house while you’re away.
9. Avoid posting on Facebook or social media your whereabouts, particularly if you are out of state.
10. Keep Christmas trees with gifts out of the view of the general public.

Remember too, a leaky or running pipe may give the indication no one is at home. Persons are encouraged to turn off the water main if going away for a lengthy period of time. Besides, it also helps in avoiding being a victim of water damage.